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Currently we are looking for moderators. If you are interested, write a moderator application which contain all the following information and send it us in e-mail: 

Your Steam 64 ID:
Your Steam username:
Your age:
Your Discord name:
Your playtime in Rust:
Your playtime on Bestrust servers:
Which servers do you play on:
Why you want to be moderator:
How active are you on daily and weekly basis:
Where are you from:
What do you like in our servers:
What do you dislike in our servers(please give constructive criticism and do not be afraid we will take as a good point if you write down our mistakes):
Do you have any experience or references of being moderator or admin:
What kind of/Which servers do you play on recently and have you played on so far:
What kind of/Which games do you play other than Rust:
What is the level of your English:
What is your level and type of education:
Share some information about yourself(for example your job, education, hobbies):

If we are satisfied with your work you will get free VIP Silver after 3-4 months and even VIP Gold after 6-7 months conscientious, helpful, useful and active work in our staff/support team.

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